Complete The Pattern

puzzleHello, I’m happy to welcome you to my site dedicated to my love of puzzles, games and everything related to logic. My name is Tim and I’ve always had an interest in working different types of puzzles and using my mind to solve logic problems. As a child some of my favorite times were spend with my father working the weekly crossword puzzles and completing complicated jigsaws on the dining room table. I even met my wife at a logic game tournament. I knew she was the person I was meant to be with when she was able to solve a puzzle that had been giving me particular difficulty. Our wedding was a wonderful event where we received many great gifts, including some fun puzzles that we’ve been able to work through together.

I spend much of my spare time working puzzles, solving logic problems and researching new challenges that I can feature on this site. I believe my site can offer a lot of useful information to those who enjoy a good mental challenge. To me, and many others I’ve talked to, there is nothing more relaxing than sitting down at the end of a stressful day to a challenging puzzle. Whether it’ a crossword, a jigsaw puzzle or a logic problem, they all provide their own type of challenge and when you finally reach that conclusion, it can be such a rush.

I created my site to offer those who have the same interests in logic and puzzles a place to find tips, tricks and new information on the mind bending challenges that we all love. Before I designed my own personal site, I had looked for information on the puzzles and challenges I enjoy and found the information to be lacking. I was sure that there would be others who would also appreciate this type of information so I set out to create it on my own. I’ve enjoyed the process of interacting with other like minded people who enjoy a good challenge. I particularly love connecting with my readers through my site and have learned so much from those who’ve visited and left comments or emailed me with questions. I hope you reading through the information and I would love to hear from you about any particular challenges you’ve had. Please leave a comment about your most recent accomplishments in the puzzle world.